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Your personal data and privacy is important to us, which is why we at The Doctors’ Hospital, Inc. would like to inform you how we handle and protect the personal information you provided.

Collection of Personal Information:


You have the right to be informed about your personal data that will be entered into our system and the purpose(s) for which they will be processed. In the course of your treatment or availment of other healthcare services, The Doctors’ Hospital, Inc. will process Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information relating to you and/or your next kin/legal representative for emergency contact information. Such processing of Personal Data may include its collection, recording, retrieval, use, retention, and disposal/destruction. Personal Data may include birthdate, address, national, sex, religious affiliation, contact information, medical information, medication, medical history and other information which are relevant for the purpose of your diagnosis, treatment and availment of healthcare services in the Hospital.

How we use your PersonaI Information:

The personal data must be used to comply with the legitimate purpose(s), including your procedure(s), treatment(s), diagnosis, and/or availment of other healthcare services in the Hospital.

The processing of your Personal Data for medical training, research and education, profiling, historical or scientific purpose, as well as to generate statistical data relevant to the Hospital’s operations in order to aid Hospital’s management team, board of directors and shareholders to review and to analyze data relating to the Hospital’s operations and financial performance.

How TDHI may share personal and sensitive personal information:

There may be instances when your personal and sensitive information will be shared with the appropriate government agencies like Department of Health, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation. Or for patients employer or insurance provider, where required or permitted by law or contract including regulatory authorities, and government agencies.

How TDHI protects customer information

We highly value the personal information collected and stored with us and make sure that it is protected from possible threats. Our office has put in place the necessary technical, organizational and physical measures to make sure that your data is kept safe and secure.

Contact us

For any inquiries or concerns regarding your personal Information with us, you may email our Data Protection Officer at [email protected]



The Doctors’ Hospital, Inc. respects your privacy and will keep secure and confidential all personal and sensitive information that you may provide to The Doctors’ Hospital, Inc. and/or those that The Doctors’ Hospital, Inc. may collect from you (“Personal Data”)

Please read carefully the Doctors’ Hospital, Inc. Privacy Statement to understand how we treat Personal Data.

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I accept terms in The Doctors Hospital, Inc. Privacy Statement.

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